Free zone Zagreb

Offer of commercial property

Hall 31

Production and warehouse hall no. 31, gross area of 4.540m2, includes two duplex office-sanitary spaces, both measuring 22,80m2. Height from the floor to the light-hole 8,00m, and 9,70m to the roof ridge.


Infrastructural equipment: optical cable for telecom and internet connection, electricity (installed power capacity H30 – 1100kW, H31 – 2MW), gas (expected consumption H30 – 124,7m3/h, H31 – 45Nm3/h), heating (up to +18˚C), ventilation and air conditioning system, water, sewage, fire alarms, industrial rail, possible use of transhipment platforms along the neighboring hall 7.

Halls are suitable for processing activities and storage of goods, as well as all other activities related to international trade.


There is possibility of leasing entire halls and/or certain parts/units of particular hall and adaptation to user needs.


Hall 30

Production and warehouse hall no. 30, gross area of 5.167m2, includes two office-sanitary spaces, measuring 214m2 and 272m2. Height from floor to roof construction beams 4,25m and 5,90m to roof ridge.