Limited liability company for MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION of the Business and Commercial Zone (Industry Zone “Škrljevo” Kukuljanovo). CONCESSION HOLDER for establishing of the Free Zone Kukuljanovo.
Free Zone Kukuljanovo (a part of the Industry Zone Bakar), is located in the hinterland of the town of Bakar, 17 km away from the Port of Rijeka. It is also located on a highly strategic route, representing one of the shortest connections between Central Europe and the Mediterranean. The Zone lies adjacent to the current highway Rijeka-Zagreb, as well to the motorway Rijeka-Split, and to route of the planned motorway from Rijeka to Trieste. The harbour complex of Bakar is only 3 km away, and the railway station of Škrljevo on the Rijeka-Zagreb and Rijeka-Ljubljana railroad, is nearby. Krk, Airport lies only 10 km from the FZ.

The business activities of the Company are:

  • real estate transactions
  • engineering
  • building, planning, consulting and supervision
  • maintenance of infrastructural and other objects
  • monitoring and sustenance of ecological conditions in the Zone Free Zone management

The Founding members of the Company are:

  • City of Bakar
  • Municipality of Čavle
  • City of Rijeka

The total regional possibility of the Zone is around 5.000.000 m2, today being in function about 1.600.000 square meters.

The constructed area contains the following infrastructure component units:

  • 5,0 km of the railway industrial gauges, with the connection to the railway station Škrljevo
  • traffic highways
  • water supply system (waterworks) for sanitary water
  • separate waterworks system for fire-fighting operations, capacity of two different fire events
  • divided sewage system of main sewers (storm and waste-water sewage system)
  • network of high-voltage cables with power supply by 110/35 KV transformer station
  • local gas supply from gas pipeline
  • adequate dimensions of the contemporary TT network
  • two (2) built-up heating plants for the supply of zone with hot water, together with the belonging pipelines


Organizationally, the Zone consists of the two entities i.e. Zone R-27 and R-29.

The beneficiary of the Free Zone Kukuljanovo can be any domestic and foreign legal and physical person. One can become the user of the Zone by making the contract with the founder of the Zone, the Industry Zone L.L.C.Š Bakar.


Industrijska zona d.o.o.
Industrijska zona bb
51223 �krljevo

Primorje 39/II
51222 Bakar

Zorko Badanjak, dipl.oec.
General Manager

tel: +385 51 253 062;
+385 51 253 060;
+ 385 51 253 065

fax: +385 51 253 061