Ploce Port Free Zone is situated in the southern part of the Adriatic coast, 25 km away from the Croatian-Bosnian border. Its position makes it attractive to all potentional investors (close to Central Europe countries and Bosnia and Herzegovina, good transport connections to Italy). The imminent construction of Section C of the Fifth Pan European Corridor Budapest-Osijek-Sarajevo-Ploce, as well as a fact that A1 highway is going to reach Ploče in 2012.makes it all the more appealing. This zone is a great opportunity for all partners who are looking for quality transhipment, storage and other services, and who want to perform activities which will contribute to valuation of the port resources.

In accordance with the regulations applicable to sea ports, Ploce Port Free Zone is operated by Ploce Port Authority, a public, non-profit institution.

The total area of the zone is 215 hectares (about 573.5 acres). There are:
•    153.925 m2 open space for storing general cargoes
•    35.834 m2 closed space for storing general cargoes
•    Warehouses for dry bulk cargoes (coal, ores, grain, hydrated alumina, petrol coke, cement, etc.)
•    Warehouse for wood
•    Cold storage space for southern fruit
•    Warehouse for liquid cargoes (petroleum-based products, kerosine, unrefined oil, etc.)
•    New container terminal; within the first phase, capacity 60.000 TEU finished 2010

This Free Zone provides transhipment and storage services for all kinds of goods. It has highly skilled workers and state-of-the-art machinery. There is also an unexploited part of the port, available for construction. It has been expected in 2011 to start building up new terminal for dry bulk cargo and to finish it at the end of year 2013

All users of the port services as well as all concessionaires who operate on the port territory are considered users of Ploce Port Free Zone.

Lučka uprava Ploče
Trg kralja Tomislava 21
20 340 PLOČE
Svemir Zekulić
Assistant Manager
tel: 020 41 45 70, 020 41 45 71
fax: 020 67 02 71

e-mail:  lucka-uprava-ploce1@du.t-com.hr