Rijeka Free Zone was founded pursuant to the Resolution of Approval adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia on June 19th 1997. It founder and operator is Port of Rijeka Authority (N.N. No. 63/97). The Founding Act was adopted by Port of Rijeka Authority on September 16th 1997.

The Rijeka Port is situated in the northern part of the Adriatic, at the point where the sea reaches deep into the continent.

It belongs to the ports of the North Adriatic which traditionally gravitate to Central and Eastern Europe.

However, the greatest advantage of the Rijeka Port over other ports oriented towards the same area (those of the North Sea and the Baltic) is the shortest sea connection of Central Europe to the Mediterranean, and to the Near East and the Far East over the Suez Canal.

Rijeka is a part of the important Tran European Highway Project, which will run from the north to the south, from Sczeczin, through Prague in the Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, Hungary, Zagreb and Rijeka to Dubrovnik in Croatia, and further to Greece. It is also a part of the Pyhrn Highway Project, which should reach Rijeka from Nuremberg in Germany, through Graz in Austria, Maribor in Slovenia, and Zagreb in Croatia.

The Rijeka-Zagreb-Gorican Road connects Hungary, traditionally oriented towards the Rijeka Port, with Rijeka.

The route towards Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic runs over the Rupa border crossing, and goes further using Slovenian and Austrian networks.

Rijeka is also a part of the Tran European Railway (TER).

Pursuant to laws and regulations applicable to sea ports, Rijeka Port Free Zone is operated by Port of Rijeka Authority, a public non-profit institution.

Rijeka Port Free Zone consists of three separate parts:

Rijeka Pool with container terminal: 427.000 m2
Bakar Pool: 80.000 m2
Rasa Pool: 667.000 m2
TOTAL: 1.635.000 m2


Total area: 427.000 m2
Closed storage space: 198.000 m2
Open storage space: 86.000m2
Coastline: 4.801 m
Fence length: 2.880 m
WATER SUPPLY- capacity installed: ø 150 mm
POWER SUPPLY-substation power: 10.600 kVA
POWER SUPPLY – container terminal: 3.710 kVA


Total area: 80.000 m2
Open storage space: 21.612 m2
Coastline: 400 m
Fence length: 1.220 m
WATER SUPPLY- capacity installed: ø 150 mm
POWER SUPPLY-substation power: 2.600 kVA


Total area: 667.000 m2
Closed storage space: 38.000 m2
Open storage space: 57.000 m2
Coastline: 271 m
Fence length: 2.700 m
WATER SUPPLY- capacity installed: ø 200 mm
POWER SUPPLY-substation power: 1.660 kVA

All users of services available in the port as well as all concessionaires who perform an activity on the port territory are considered users of Rijeka Port Free Zone.


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