Domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities may perform economic activity in the free zone if they are registered in the Republic of Croatia for conducting such activities and should meet the requirements prescribed by the Law on Free Zones.

Users carry out an economic activity in the zone on the basis of a contract concluded with the founder of the zone.

Users are required to keep accounting for operations in the zone, or separate bookkeeping for the part of their business in the zone.

Domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities interested in becoming zone users address a note of intention to the company or institution in charge of the free zone. The note should contain the following:

  • Description of the economic activity which they plan to perform in the free zone;
  • Information about the requisite land, buildings and infrastructure;
  • Information about the intended investments;
  • Estimate of the effects of the intended activity;
  • Registration certificate of the company, i.e., trade licence.