1Association of Croatian Free Zone held in Zagreb on 29.05.2019. in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Mr. Sani Ljubunčić, Head of Sector and Ms. Bozena Gajica Uzelac, Head of the Service.

 The Assembly was attended by the Regional Director of the World Economic Free Zone, Mrs. Nika Manukova. (World Free Economic Zones Organization), which is an associate member of the HSZE Association. Mrs. Dubravka Maras becomes NCP (National Contact Point) for Croatia. The Assembly unanimously elected the Management Board: Dubravka Maras, President, Zoran Legac (Feroimpex AT) and Tomislav Batur (Port Authority of Ploče), Vice Presidents, Miranda Šaban (Port Authority of Split) and Andreja Mišak, Members for a New Mandate Period,